When to install a simple bowsprit?

The use of the bowsprit was lately revaluated thanks to the implementation of sails like the gennaker and the Code 0.

Up to this day the bowsprit was made of aluminium or steel but in short lenght.

Today the bowsprit finds its rebirth in the carbon fiber.

 A modern bowsprit is :

  • located on the external part of the bow
  • removable so to not hinder the mooring in marines and narrow ports

On small racing boats the bowsprit is still the best option for its lightness and manoeuvrability.

Our deck bowsprits, thanks to a case, are installed in front of the anchor’s peak even when the peak is situated much forward.

We can provide:

  • A tube with custom terminals
  • Resin connectors and rings with bushings

What do we need for a quote?

  1. Boat dimensions
  2. Sail dimensions (total tube dimensions, diameter and thickness)